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SackSafe Guard

Adjustable guard designed to protect from nicks & snags

Blades of Glory

Precision, ceramic blades designed to glide through your underbrush

Waterproof AF

Trim wet or dry, however you please, with a tight waterproof casing

Powerful Motor

6200rpm motor that won’t quit, easily rechargeable for constant use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this thing work?

  • What’s up with the blade subscription?

  • What are the specs?

  • Can I use the trimmer on my body?

  • Do you offer any warranty?

  • Will my life be changed forever?

  • What does it come with?

What’s in the box

Kit De Inicio Balls
Recordtadora Balls

BALLS™ Trimmer

BALLS™ Cleanse & Recharge Wash

BALLS™ Lotion

Adjustable SackSafe™ guard

BALLS™ Cradle

Charging Cable

Cleaning Brush

Recordtadora Balls

BALLS™ Trimmer vs others

BALLS™ Trimmer vs others BALLS™ Trimmer vs others

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