Hey đź‘‹

We are Matt Edge and Tyler Ball, co-founders of BALLS™.

Founded after an awkward conversation with a family member about the use of kitchen scissors on his manhood. We realised an obvious need for opening up the taboo of men's grooming. After a deeper dive, we learned most people just use conventional razors (which can get ugly) or any alternate sharp blade to hand to tackle hair growth downstairs.  We set upon our quest to design and develop a trimmer made for grooming the most sensitive of areas.

No snags on our bags was the goal...  and after experimenting for over a year with 100's of different blades and designs, we finally designed our now patent-pending SackSafe™ Technology which features anti-nick blades with micro trimming teeth, to prevent nicks and snags.

It’s not just your balls we are saving, we plant a tree for every trimmer sold. So when you trim your bush, we save another. 🌳

Thats what BALLS™ is all about - we hope you enjoy!