6 Butt-Clenching Ball Busters

If you want to talk about nut-crunching sports, you have to talk about Cricket. No other sport can boast more whacks to the willy. Yet, there are other sports that give Cricket a run for the money.

No matter where you’re watching a match– at home, in a fan-filled pub, or at the edge of the pitch at Old Trafford, there are pretty good chances that you’ll witness acts and accidents of strikes to the gonads that will make you wince with sympathetic pain.

If you really want to know just what we mean, look at these 6 truly cringeworthy episodes that will actually make your balls clench – ours did!

1. Alex Hale’s Notorious “Brace”

Our first offering takes us back to that amazing match where Alex Hales took TWO for the team. That was August 8, 2021. It was a two-for-one deal that anyone would gladly give a miss! Kudos goes to the match announcer for his professional yet sympathetic commentary. You’ll cringe just listening to him!

2. Connor Roberts’ Involuntary Ball-to-Ball Meeting

Wales national side star got a lot of praise when the foot-ball connected with at least one of his own during a match against Turkey. It was certainly no Turkish Delight for him. One tweet elegantly commented, “Right in the Cardiff and Swanseas!”

3. Slip of the Foot by Semi Radrada

Let’s cast our eye’s mind back to the year 2017 when Rugby provided us with a reminder that the sport’s origins go back to football. Or should we say, “foot-to-ball”? That’s exactly what happened when Toulon player Semi Radrada’s foot made a nutcracker on Agen player Ricke Januarie. A truly unforgettable moment for anyone who saw it – and we’re sure, especially for Ricke Januarie. 

4. A Snatch and Grab Job

Taking an accidental foot to the nuts is just the risk a Rugby player has to live with, but no one would expect what happened to Welshman Alun Wyn Jones in the first half of a Six Nations match against England. Who really knows what Joe Marler was thinking when he groin-groped Jones and pantsed him before the whole world? He even demanded satisfaction from the World Rugby Union, but like Mick Jagger, he “couldn’t get no…”

5. A Goalie and His Gonads

A football player is expected to strike balls cleanly with his foot. Yet one opponent apparently tried to send Flamengo keeper Paul Victor’s own balls into the back of the net. High marks for enthusiasm, but that had to hurt! The referee should have pulled a card at least as red as Victor’s nuts were.

6. Liam Livingston seeing Double

We should expect a certain degree of professionalism from sports commentators, but they are also as human as anyone. Just listen how these commentators fail to suppress some rather gleeful sounding laughter as they say, “It’s not that funny”! The giggle fest broke out when Liam Livingstone took two “Down Under” during a match between the Melbourne Renegades and the Perth Scorchers. Watch the scene yourself – and try not to laugh!


You might be thinking, “players in these sports surely wear protection, don’t they?” Well, yes, but the gear is just not engineered to take some of the shots the players do. Players risk major injuries, and even American football players can suffer a concussion despite their helmets. Blows to the balls are no exception! So just think about that the next time you’re sitting safe on your sack and a player takes a shot to his.

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