Your Fast-Growing Pube Hairs

If you’ve been manscaping already, you’ve probably noticed something. If you’re just getting started, be on the lookout.

Your pubes grow back damned fast!

So, how fast do your pube hairs grow back? How often should I shave to keep my balls nice and smooth without spending too much free time in the shower with my trimmer?

Well, it should not surprise you to know that we’ve taken a close look at this important issue. As a result, we can provide you with some reliable facts AND give you some tips as to how you can best tame those rambunctious little hairs the next time you reach for your BALLS™ Trimmer

Why does it matter how my pubes grow? 

That’s a reasonable question…

Manscaping, ball grooming, pube plucking – whatever you want to call it – was always the rage. Into the early 1970s most men and women let nature take its course (if you don’t believe us, check out earlier issues of Playboy).

Then trimming and waxing started with females, partly brought on by the high thigh-cut bikinis that came in the 1980s. Slowly, female pubes were reduced in extent until many began to shave bald.

Perhaps in the interest of sexual equality (perhaps not?) men began to get into the act. And since women showed an increasing preference for well-groomed balls, more men started grooming, trimming and shaving. Nowadays, if you DON’T trim or shave, you will be at a decided disadvantage when it comes to interesting a woman in a second go around your MayPole.

There are three main reasons for practising “pube hair care”.

Love (Sex!) 

We’ve already hinted at this…

You’ve met an attractive lady. Drinks, dinner, dancing, clubbing – whatever – and then you are at her place or yours, and the clothes come off…

Now, how would you feel if she stood (or lay) there with a jungle between the legs? How do you think she might feel if you sported a patch of untamed shrubbery?

A recent study from Prim & Prep has revealed that 64% of women prefer groomed and tamed pubic hair over natural. Many comments ran thus: “I would be more likely to please them orally if they were clean shaven” and “there is less genital odor when clean shaven”.

Get the picture?


If you can walk around knowing that you’re ready for action, you’ll feel much more confident approaching, talking to and “getting to know” women.

In addition, most people feel better about themselves when they’ve just pepped up their appearance – whether it’s a haircut, new hair style, cool clothes or a fresh shave. Your attitude changes for the positive.

So, think about how you’ll feel about your appearance and manliness when you’re on the go with clean, fresh balls.


Unwashed bodies quickly offer breeding grounds for bacteria, and those areas covered with hair attract unwelcome guests like crabs and lice. This leads to bad odour, as well as persistent itching that just makes you feel uncomfortable.

Now compare the way you would look at a woman who is clean and smelling nice with a woman who is sweaty, dirty and unkempt – complete with hairy legs and armpits.

Unwashed, un groomed bodies are more likely to develop skin conditions that are decidedly unattractive.

Enough said?

How fast does pubic hair grow?

Hair goes through three growth phases, no matter where it grows: growth, stagnation, and fall out. A medical expert at Men's Health magazine has stated that hair goes through these phases in 30-44 days. Pubic hair typically grows a half-inch in four weeks.

Your hair’s growth rate may naturally differ slightly from other men, and external factors also play a role. Medication, other medical treatments, and changing levels of hormones can have a noticeable effect on your hair, and in some cases such as low levels of androgens, the result can be hair loss and baldness.

Now pubic hair does grow out faster than the hair on your head, but not much. It just seems so because head hair has a rather long life cycle of about seven years. So, you tend to notice hair growth much more in places you shave such as your beard and pubes.

Depending on the look and style you’re going for, you’ll want to trim or shave your balls more or less frequently. Take a look at this chart to see how often you’ll want to schedule your manscaping sessions.

Length of Time

Length of Pubic Growth

1 month 

1.27 cm (1/2 inch)

2 month 

2.54 cm (1 inch)

6 months 

7.62 cm (3 inches)

12 months

15.24 cm (6 inches)

After a year, you could grow nearly 16 cm or a half foot of pubic hair… but you’ll probably never come close to matching Maori Vi in South Africa. Her pubic hair achieved a length of OVER 71 centimetres or 2 feet 4 inches. That’s enough to reach your knees!

How often should I shave? 

As we’ve just indicated, the answer depends on the look you’re going for – and how frequently you prefer to groom.

Billiard Ball Smooth

You want to go all the way and have balls as smooth as a baby’s butt. If that’s what you want, you should shave every three days. If you wait longer, stubble on your balls will begin to feel rather uncomfortable. You will need good lighting – even a flashlight – a hand mirror. Make sure you also have a professional and fully recharged trimmer to hand like our BALLS™  Trimmer

Modern Trim 

This is the one if your laid back and don’t want to take things TOO seriously. You want neat, groomed balls, but you don’t want them dictating your daily schedule. In this case, a light shave once a week will get the job done. Use your electric trimmer to cut your hair down close to the skin.

The Chewbacca Look 

OK, we’re exaggerating a bit. In this case, you’re either brand new to man grooming, or you’ve just “enjoyed” a dry spell, or you just plain got out of the habit. Take it easy and take your time – you might have to look for your BALLS™ USB charging cord and might need to get (re)acquainted with just how to trim and shave.

Whether your aiming for cue balls or fuzzy peaches, we can clue you in to the best way to shave your balls. Our BALLS experts will reveal their tried-and-true shaving techniques and tell you about the products they actually use to get a smooth, nick-free shave, as well as how to care for your delicate pubic skin.

And consider getting a BALLS™ Trimmer today! Your balls deserve the best!