Trimming Your Nose Hair - a Guide for Men

Yes, we all have nose hair, and we can see yours… and it’s unattractive.

Because it’s so unattractive, many men assume the less the better and go right at it with tweezers. But you need to be careful.

Nose hair is natural and actually a good thing. It functions to filter out nasty things you don’t want in your nasal passage and helps keep the air you breathe moist. Your nostrils are really quite good at growing it - sometimes a bit too good.

So, wanting to remove some of it is perfectly understandable, but before you start, review the various suggestions below and think about which method makes most sense for you.


You can trim your nose hairs with tiny scissors or with electric nose hair trimmers. Trimming nose hair is most likely the safest and most easily applicable method for most people. If you’re considering scissors, make sure that the scissors have rounded tips to avoid puncturing skin. Special nose trimming scissors all have this feature.

Similarly, electric nose trimmers also have rounded razors. They are widely available online, for example, on Amazon, as well as at many drugstores.

Trimming is a good method for removing only those nose hairs that are visible. It lets you avoid removing too much hair too far up your nostrils or damaging the sensitive membrane there.

Of course, hair grows again after its cut, so trimming needs to be done regularly. Nevertheless, trimming your nose hair is the safest method you can apply toward keeping it under control. We do, however, have some suggestions if you want a longer lasting option.

How to trim your nose hair:

You should have a well-lit mirror.

Blow your nose and clean out your nostrils.

Get a good grip on the scissors.

Tilt your head back until you have a good view into your nostrils.

Cut the hairs down to the skin.

Don’t try to remove all nose hair (remember, these hairs do serve a good purpose). Concentrate on the hairs that are visible.

Then blow your nose. This will flush out some extra hairs.

Don’t rinse out your nostrils with water.


You’ve probably seen men having their nasal hair waxed or plucked in films. This might appear to be a really good idea, but actually, neither option is recommended. Plucking nasal hair not only hurts, it can also cause ingrown hair and even infection. Even more drastic - and harmful - is waxing. It can really damage the delicate skin that lines your nostrils!

There are, however, some products that are designed to wax away only those hairs located near the rim of your nostrils. This method has longer lasting results - up to four weeks - because it pulls out the hair by the shaft. The same goes for plucking.

Because these methods are dangerous, it is important for you to follow the directions that come with any nasal hair waxing product. Waxing and plucking can make the skin inside your nostrils feel sore. You can provide some ease by dampening a towel with lukewarm water and applying it gently to the tender areas.


Sounds good, right? Let’s just laser those hairs away - poof! Hair removal is permanent, so you can throw away those trimmers. But think twice before going with this option. The membranes that line your nostrils are delicate, and lasering can cause serious damage to this sensitive skin.

Laser hair removal works by destroying hairs down to their roots so that they cannot grow back. As you know, these roots - the follicles - are located beneath the skin, and lasering can be pretty harsh on them.

Responsible laser treatment is only applied to the hair growing near the rim of your nostrils. That’s where most visible hairs grow, and by limiting the area being lasered, the risk of skin damage is reduced.

In any event, if you decide for this option, make sure you get treated at a professional facility by an approved specialist like a certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist - and get a consulting session first. Because the area being lasered is quite small and not easily accessible, you really want only experienced and skilled professionals to do this.

Lasering not only presents the most risk, it is also the most expensive method available.


Depilatory products such as hair removal creams might seem to offer a sensible alternative to removing nose hairs. But you really shouldn’t use these for removing nose hair. Such creams are too strong for the sensitive skin that lines your nostrils and can even burn the delicate mucous membrane. These creams can also be toxic if inhaled.

You might find products based on natural - rather than chemical - ingredients that promise to thin out nostril hair. That’s no guarantee of safety. Before trying a product out, it is always important to read product information and instructions. In fact, most hair removal creams explicitly state that they are not meant for use on nasal hair.


Of course! But as with so many things, theory is fine, but it’s how you do it that matters. Just keep in mind that nasal hair is important - so don’t overdo it! - and the skin lining your nostrils are delicate. So, proceed with care.