Trimmer for Men: Turn Your Balls from Shaggy to Smooth

Let’s face it – your balls are pretty special to you, and you want to be careful how they are treated. But that doesn’t mean you need to leave them all hairy und ungroomed just because you’re reluctant to expose them to blades.

Trimming and shaving pubic hair has become very popular, and many men are doing it because:

  • They feel cleaner
  • They feel sexier and have more confidence
  • It makes physical exercise more comfortable 
  • It drastically reduces the risk of a pubic lice
  • Many women find smooth balls more attractive

Now, if you’ve already tried grooming with conventional razors, your reluctance to shave your balls is perfectly understandable. The shaving area is not nearly as smooth or taut as your face is, so there is a danger of snagging some skin when shaving.

A trimmer especially designed for your balls and pubic region is the way to go to get your balls nice and smooth without any nicks or cuts. Use the ultimate kit to ensure happy results.

Many women go for tough, battle-scarred manly faces, but the same doesn’t go for balls!

And the way your balls look to others may not be the more important aspect of having smooth and clean balls. Trimming and shaving your pubes also lends a feeling of confidence and confidence in your shaving skills. And since balls suffer 67.2% of injuries caused by shaving, you’ll want to make sure yours are safe from nicks and cuts.

The skin of your balls and pubic area is particularly delicate and sensitive. That means you’ll want to use a trimmer especially designed for the job. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can transform your balls from shaggy to smooth with a BALLS Trimmer.

Get your balls ready for action

  1. Stand and place one foot on a stable surface – a table, chair, or even the rim of a bathtub.

  2. Use one hand to pull the area you want to shave smooth and taut and groom the area with a scissor or the Balls Trimmer.

Each BALLS Trimmer comes with a 3/4mm and 5/6mm trimming guard, so you can be as selective as you like with your grooming lengths while avoiding damage to your skin.  

  1. Get your balls warm and moist in the bath or shower. 

The warm water will soften the hair, moisten the skin, get the blood flowing and open skin pores. It also makes your balls relax and hang looser. This will all make it much easier for the blades to get close to the skin without cutting or scraping.

Don’t use cold water as that will defeat the whole purpose – the balls will tighten, and the skin will shrivel. If the water is too hot, you could aggravate your skin. Comfortably warm water is all you need.

  1. Use a Mild Shaving Product.

If shaving cream or gel is good for your beard, you should definitely use some for your pubic area. Find a product that will moisturize and soothe your skin. A good cream or gel will let your blade glide smoothly and protect your skin.

Get the BALLS Trimmer

Your balls and groin have sensitive and delicate skin, so you really don’t want to rely on just any trimmer or shaver you find on a shop shelf.

For ease of use, you should also have a trimmer with a rechargeable power supply. A power cord can get in the way and might not be long enough to reach into the shower, for example. The trimmer should also be light and easy to handle around those delicate curves and corners down there.

Professional trimmers like the BALLS Trimmer are cordless, rechargeable and light. You can get 60 minutes of use on a single charge. That’s plenty of time for taming that jungle you’ve had going down there. Just charge with a standard USB cord to fully power your trimmer.

Make sure your trimmer is also waterproof since you may want to use it in the shower or bath. You don’t want to worry about shorting your trimmer or getting a shock.

You also want a trimmer that lets you easily change blades since it’s important that you can clean them and replace them when dull.

You could also use a separate set of blades for specific purposes: one set for your balls, another for your bum, and maybe another on some other area. Then you’d have a real multi-purpose grooming tool.

No matter where you use it, the Ball Trimmer’s SafeSackTM stainless steel blades are designed not only guarantee and a close, clean cut, they also repel oil and dirt, which can affect blade performance and lead to skin irritation

A Close Shave for Bold and Beautiful Balls

Once you’ve trimmed your hair down, you can proceed to shaving your balls. Just get your BALLS Trimmer, get your balls nice and moist again, and lather them with shaving cream or gel.

Begin as before:

  1.       Stand and place one foot on a stable surface – a table, chair, or even the rim of a bathtub.
  2.       Use one hand to pull the area you want to shave smooth and taut.
  3.       Use the other hand to shave the area WITH the grain – in the direction the hair grows.
  4.       Don’t rush – stroke slowly with gentle pressure.
  5.       Rinse the area and then pat – not rub – dry.
  6.       Clean up! (You don’t want visitors to see a shower or bathroom floor strewn with funny little hairs).

There’s no one-and-only correct shaving technique, so go ahead and try various methods for shaving your balls. Just go slow and apply gentle pressure as you go.

Some men really want absolutely smooth, hairless balls, while others prefer their balls to sport a neatly trimmed “beard”. Still others are primarily interested in keeping their pubic area clean. Different comb attachments can also achieve different looks.

Whatever you’re going for, you have a lot of freedom and choice in how you groom your balls.