Shave Your Bum Right

A hairy ass can be a pain in the bum, and it is certainly not something men are eager to discuss with their mates. Yet, all men have some hair there – it’s quite natural and shouldn’t be anything to be too ashamed about… unless you have hair a gorilla would admire. But especially in recent decades, hairy butts on males have come to be regarded as attractive as they are on females – not very!

So, you’re thinking about mowing those grass-grown hills back there, but you’re not sure how to go about it safely and efficiently. Before we get started on the hows, let’s start with the whys.

Why should I shave my bum?

In the end, it’s a matter of your own motivation. How hairy are you? Maybe you believe that God or nature made you with hair there, so that’s it. Or you believe its manly. Or you might feel downright unattractive with so much posterior overgrowth. Maybe you just don’t like how it feels when it’s hot and humid, the hair on your butt and anus gets damp and makes your ass itchy.

From a purely aesthetic perspective, smooth, hairless skin is part of the ideal of beauty – those Greek sculptures of muscled athletes have some finely toned glutes, but they don’t sport any hair. Shaven balls, neatly trimmed pubes and a smooth ass are just more attractive to most females.

With that said, if you’re going to start shaving the hair between your cheeks, you’ll want to make sure you do it right because the skin down your crack is pretty darn sensitive. That means not only using the right technique, but the right equipment as well. You certainly don’t want any nicks, cuts or razor burns down there (ouch!), so whatever you do – don’t rush it.

Here’s the best approach for shaving your butt hair with a trimmer.

1. Shower before you shave

You want to prepare your skin and hair for the razor, so cleaning is important because dirt, oil and bacteria are bad for the razor and for your skin. The most convenient way is to take a warm or hot shower and clean your personal shaving venue with mild soap. Warm water will also soften hair, open pores, and make hair follicles more accessible. This will enable a closer, cleaner shave and help avoid ingrown hair.

Your butt isn’t the only thing that should be clean. Make sure you use a clean electric razor.

2. Find the best viewing angle

Depending on one’s figure and flexibility, the best viewing angle will differ from man to man. You’ll want to try out different positions to find the most comfortable that allows you to both see the area and reach it with your trimmer. The position you find should also be stable – you don’t want to slip or stumble while those blades are gliding over your skin. So, try placing one foot on a chair or rim of a bathtub. Try out how you can best use a mirror, whether on the wall, the floor, or in your hand.

Whatever position or positions you find, you’ll probably look pretty silly. So what? Unless you’re giving a live class on Bum-Shaving, no one will see.

3. Make sure the skin is taut

OK, now you’re about to put blades to bum. Right before you start in, use your other hand to expose the area between the cheeks and get the skin nice and taut. In essence, this is no different than shaving your facial beard when you screw your face to one side and the other.

4. Shave slowly and carefully

Take your time. Saving a few minutes with a rush job won’t get you the best results – and just might result in some rather irritating nicks and scrapes. Do a small area at a time and use short, careful strokes. Then check the area to see if you’ve missed anything.

Once again, make sure you’re using the right tools. Our Balls™ Trimmer is specially designed to help you avoid irritation or damage to the delicate skin in your groin and between your cheeks. A professional electric trimmer is superior to conventional safety razors, especially where hard to reach areas are concerned.

Whatever shaver or trimmer you use, be sure to rinse it frequently while you shave to avoid hair clogging the blade.

5. Rinse off, pat dry and soothe

Once you’re done, thoroughly rinse off all the cut hairs and soap still sticking to your skin. Then pat dry. Many men like to rub their skin vigorously with a towel, but this is pretty abusive and will especially damage sensitive skin.

Once you’re all dried off, you need to restore your skin. No matter how careful you are, shaving and soap dries the skin and causes some irritation. Use a cooling balm to remoisturise and soothe your skin. You can even refrigerate the balm before use for extra coolness. We heartily recommend our own BALLS lotion.

Hair grows back (unfortunately) and stubble appears soon after shaving. To combat the friction stubble can cause, use talcum powder between the cheeks after washing. You’ll thank us for the tip!

Common mistakes

  • Don’t be in a rush. There is no practical benefit in a fast job and many drawbacks. Take your time – your butt crack will appreciate it!
  • Make sure you have time before starting to shave – don’t wait until the last minute before you rush out in the evening – or receive a special guest. Your bum needs care – and it knows how to take revenge for any abuse you might inflict. 
  • If you feel embarrassed or insecure about getting acquainted with your butt crack and anus, just remember, it’s your body. I mean, if you’re willing to explore a woman back there… And don’t forget, just about everyone – even women – have some hair back there.

Other Ways to Remove Bum Hair 

Laser Hair Removal

Lasering works by vaporising the hair follicles with powerful beams.

The method is most suitable if you want long-term to permanent hair removal. It’s also great for back hair and shoulders.

However, it’s also the most expensive method, and you’ll REALLY want a professional to laser your crack and anus. You’re also most likely going to have to visit the professional for several sessions.


Believe it or not, many men are visiting parlours to get their backs, butt and crack waxed.

If you believe that the pain is worth the gain – or rather, loss – for a butt smooth as a baby’s, then waxing is a good compromise. Results last much longer than shaving, and it’s far less expensive than lasering.

This method involves applying warm, softened wax. The wax surrounds and grabs hold of the hair. Once it hardens, the wax is ripped off in a sudden jerk, removing the hair by the follicle.

The more you wax, the longer it takes for the hair to grow back. Another advantage with waxing is that you don’t risk nicking your skin or causing razor rash.

Seeing that the waxing pro is going to get a look at your bunghole, you might want to make sure everything is squeaky clean down there.

Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal creams such as Nair are suitable for removing butt hair. These creams contain alkaline chemicals that attack Keratin – a protein that lends structure to hair. When keratin breaks down, the hair loses strength and practically dissolves!

Because of the chemicals they use, don’t get too close to your anus or use it on your balls. Your skin is particularly sensitive in the areas, and these creams are harsh and will cause a burning sensation on delicate skin. Be careful what you touch once you have it on your hands – sensitive areas near the eyes, for example. And since it is a hair removal cream, don’t run your fingers through your head hair!

Once you apply the cream to the area you want to depilate (i.e., “de-hair”), wait ten minutes, then remove the cream with a scraper that comes with it.

The chemicals in these creams and the wasted hair combine to cause a rather unpleasant smell, so make sure you completely wash off every bit of cream and hair.

Whichever method you choose, we’re here to help!