Shave Your Balls Like a Pro

If you haven’t tried it yet, you might imagine that shaving your balls requires a great deal of care. Or you might think, ‘no problem.’ Well, you’ll want to take some care and learn how to trim those balls. Once you’ve had some experience, it should go as smooth and clean as your balls will be!

So, what’s the best way to get those balls hair-free without any nicks or cuts? All you need are the right tools, the right technique, and some patience.

Before you start

Get comfortable

Don’t just start a-trimming when you see the need. Take some time, get relaxed and make sure your shaver and creams or lotions are ready to hand. Find a place where you’ll be comfortable and get a clear look at the area you want to shave. You should also find someplace private – you don’t exactly want someone suddenly walking in or getting a peek!

The shower is an optimal setting. You can get those balls warm and moist, and easily clean up when done. Our BALLS Trimmer, it's fully waterproof!

Take your time

There’s no rush. Your balls deserve your attention and care.

If there’s a lot of hair down there – and if you’re a first-timer, there will be – get some good hair scissors and cut the hair down to about a centimetre. Now you’ll have a clearer view of where you want to shave, and the razor will glide much more smoothly.

Get them nice and warm

Cold balls get wrinkly, which makes getting a clean shave much more difficult and increases the risk of cuts or nicks. We suggest you get into the shower. The warm water will soften the hair, moisten the skin, get the blood flowing and open skin pores. This will all make it much easier for the blades to get close to the skin without cutting or scraping.

Shaving the right way

Now we’ll get started, so pay close attention. If you don’t do it right, you will cause yourself some pain. In fact, one study reveals that one-in-four men have suffered at least one boo-boo while shaving. Most ‘wounds’ occur to the scrotum skin because the scrotum is not as flat or smooth as the surrounding skin.

Now, the proper tools are especially important, so don’t just grab the first available razor. If you’re really serious about your balls – and you should be – consider investing in something specifically designed for your man-bits. We recommend the BALLS™ Trimmer. Its SackSafe™ technology was especially developed to allow your razor to glide smoothly and safely!

So, let’s get to your technique. There are basically two methods you could use:

1) Pulling (smoothest)

If you want an ultra-close, ultra-smooth shave, and can afford to take some time, you’ll want to try the Pulling technique. The important thing here is to get your sack skin as flat and taut as you can. Just use your fingers to straighten out the area of skin you want to work on, then glide the razor gently and slowly.

You might not get it exactly right the first time, but after a few shaves, you’ll get the hang of it.

2) Hovering (safest) 

If you’re worried about nicks, the Hover technique is the safer and quicker option here. With the BALLS™ Trimmer you can shave those sacks without the razor even touching the skin. Just think of the BALLS™ Trimmer as a magic wand and the technique as a spell: “Hairbegone”!

The trimmer’s high quality ceramic blades let you avoid any snags or cuts. This method leaves just a bit of fuzz on your balls – and, hey, you’ll have the same thing just a day or two after smooth shaving in any case.

What to avoid

Don’t rush it

Your balls are… yours! They get your undivided attention, so take your time and give them the care they deserve. Slow and steady is an approach not limited to that ‘special someone’ you’re with – if you know what we mean! And you don’t want to walk around with toilet paper stuck to your balls.

Finally: Rinse, Freshen, and Clean Up

Give your shaved skin a thorough rinse. Then use an appropriate moisturising aftershave and pat – don’t rub – the area dry. Congratulations, now you have balls you’ll be proud of (just be choosy about who sees them)!

The only thing left to do is getting your ‘theatre of operations’ back in order. Wash down the bottom of your shower or broom your flow. You don’t want others to think that someone or something is shedding hair all over the place!

If you’ve got any other questions or comments about shaving balls, just get in touch!