Men’s Best Body Hair Trimmer

You’re probably familiar with electric hair trimmers. If not, you can probably guess what they are. There are many types. Some are meant for use everywhere you have hair while others supposedly are designed for particular purposes such as trimming beards or shaving your back.

Some are even designed for – yes! – cleaning up those hairy balls of yours.

Some are waterproof, some have blades of stainless steel, some have ceramic razors.

Some trimmers come as a large kit with multiple accessories such as blades and combs designed for special body areas or that allow you to determine how much hair you want to trim off.

No matter the specific purpose, hair grooming is not just for women anymore. Increasing numbers of men are grooming their body hair to make their best impression – whether dressed or undressed!

Here we are going to talk about body grooming and trimming products, why they were developed, and what they do precisely.

The initial motivation for the development of products designed to remove undesired facial and body hair were the desire to improve personal hygiene and enhance one’s appearance. Just as the military still claims, body hair can serve as a friendly breeding ground for parasites like lice, especially in the absence of regular washing. Hair also tends to retain sweat, which can promote bacterial growth and cause rather unpleasant odours. This all led to the popularity of the clean-shaven look that began a little over 100 years ago.

Fashion undergoes constant changes – and not just among women! Even in antiquity, statues show men first clean-shaven, then with beards, at times with longer beards, in other periods rather short beards. Developments in razor “technology,” as well as popular fashion, have played their part in changing fashions. Until the end of the 1800s, most men got their shaves from professional barbers using straight razors. Then in 1904, Gillette came out with the first “safety razor”. Increasingly more men began to spare the cost of a barber and shave at home. The convenience – and cost savings – of these safety razors led to the rise in popularity of the clean-shaven look.

And then a crucial development occurred. In 1930, Jacob Schick developed and patented the first electric razor, which didn’t require water or soap for shaving. This made shaving even less risky (few nicks or cuts!) and even more convenient. It didn’t take too long for people to realise that an electric shaver didn’t have to be limited to facial hair! And so, the body hair trimmer came into being.

A plethora of brands and devices have entered the market since then. Companies like Braun, Philips, and Remington offer hair trimmers for men. Manscaped even has the “Bodygroom”. But if you’re really committed to taking care of that very special area, you’ll definitely need to take a look at the “BALLS Trimmer”!


What’s important in a “Body Hair Trimmer”?

You don’t want to spare time and effort when taking care of your appearance, but you also don’t want to spend more time than necessary. So, it’s important to get results that will last a while. You also want to consider ease of use and maintenance – your body trimmer should be complicated and should need constant attention. You also want to reach all the areas you want to groom without much trouble all by yourself (of course, a willing “helper” wouldn’t be too bad either).

Another consideration is how long a battery charge will last. The best type of battery currently available is the lithium-ion battery; it will hold a charge much longer than a conventional alkaline battery (at least an hour, if not longer). Remember, you’ll need to run the trimmer some time in order to get at all body areas that need attention.


Why use a “Body Hair Trimmer”?

Taking care of hair has not really been especially complicated for men, unless they wanted some special styling. Traditionally, all a man had to do was go to a barber for a cut and a shave – and he can even shave himself. There wasn’t much bother about it.

Body grooming, however, is a very different animal. Your different body areas need a versatile trimming and shaving kit in order to keep up appearances.

This rather recent development in male body care has even been given its own term – you can find articles about “Manscaping” pretty much anywhere body care is concerned. Today’s man certainly doesn’t want to be mistaken for a werewolf! Indeed, manscaping has become almost as prevalent as female beauty and body care these days.

There are many and various benefits to manscaping. The most common motivations for men to engage in this are:

  •       to feel and look cleaner
  •       to build and feel confidence
  •       to look and feel sexy
  •       to feel cooler and less grimy in hot weather

An added benefit is that body grooming allows men to inspect their bodies for potential health and hygiene problems (like skin cancer, for example).

Another benefit is that trimming or shaving off hair can add definition to muscles. Bodybuilders going back to Arnold Schwarzenegger and before always shaved their bodies before a competition.

Body hair trimming indeed has a lot to offer, but it’s not exclusively risk-free. You need to be careful about irritating skin in delicate areas, causing ingrown hair, and incurring infection. That’s why you’ll want to find a trimmer especially designed for trimming delicate areas and learn to use your body trimmer properly.

So, what can you do to avoid potential problems and safely use your body groomer?



There are distinct methods and approaches you might adopt when grooming your body hair.

Some are fairly simple and easy to apply and can be done in the comfort and privacy of your home. Other practices are somewhat technical, so you might want to engage a professional groomer.


Shaving seems fairly simple. You know how to shave, right? You can easily do this at home and should be able to do it pretty fast. It is also a good approach if you want natural looking results. But you still need to be careful about cuts or burns, so you’ll still want to take some time.


As you know, waxing removes hair by its roots. The upside of waxing is that results last longer than shaving – up to four weeks! The downside is the pain that causes many men to swear off waxing.



Plucking sort of does the same thang that waxing does. Instead of wax, you use tweezers to pull out hairs by the root. It is also not pain free, so although it might be good for your facial hair, you’ll probably decide not to use it on your balls!



Sugaring is sort of like waxing but is fortunately less painful. This time honoured method uses sugar paste to remove hair and can be pretty easily applied to large surfaces like your back and chest. You can get kits that let you do it yourself, but you might consider having a professional do it for you.


Depilatory Creams

If you want a relatively easy method to remove hair without much fuss, a depilatory cream just might fit the bill. Just rub it on, wait a while (per instructions), then rinse it off. The effective ingredient is a chemical that damages the hair’s structure so that it falls out. The results are very satisfying: your skin feels smooth and there is a lower risk of ingrown hair. The creams’ chemical can, however, irritate the skin, so you might not want to use it on your balls!


Body Hair Groomers

Grooming devices are all fairly easy to handle and they let you determine just how much hair you want to get rid of. A big selling point is that you can use them without having to worry about cuts or nicks, so an electric ball trimmer is ideal to use on your balls, no matter how hairy they are!


Lasering Hair

If you want a permanent solution for unwanted hair, lasering might be the way to go. It’s especially good for your back (who wants a hairy back?) and your chest (although hairy chests JUST might become fashionable again). This is the most expensive solution because you’ll want a professional – believe us, you don’t want a “friend” to try this on you! – and it will require several visits.


As you may have noticed, the approach you use will depend on the body area involved and how much hair you want to remove.



If your balls are important, then there is really only one choice: The BALLS Trimmer! It’s not only great to use everywhere you want to remove hair; it’s also especially designed to treat your manly bits as they deserve. The BALLS Trimmer’s blades are made of high-quality ceramic, which is far better than stainless steel. The BALLS Trimmer is USB-rechargeable and waterproof. You can also easily control just how much hair you want to remove with adjustable guards. The BALLS Trimmer is not only a real, all-in-one body groomer, it also offers you fantastic customer care.

Look at what satisfied customers think about the BALLS Trimmer!

"Really happy with my trimmer. I’m a first time buyer and have to say: the quality is amazing."

"I just love my trimmer! It delivers just what you’ve promised."

"My balls are as sleek as polished granite!"

"The customer service is out of this world. They solved my issue fast and were very friendly. I’m totally satisfied with my trimmer and the company!"



So, you’ve made your choice and given it a go. We hope you’re happy and healthy. Now that you’ve learned how to groom yourself, you’ll need to make it a habit.

If you’re just starting out, try to pick a day for your grooming. You can begin with one day a month. When that day comes, take your time and do it right – safety is more important than speed.

It won’t take long for you to become a real grooming pro!


How to groom yourself the BALLS Trimmer.

So, you’ve got a BALLS™ Trimmer – wise choice! But before you get to work on your balls, there are a few things you should know.

Now, men interested in ball trimmers the world over ask us a load of questions every day, and we know what the most common issues are and can anticipate most – if not all – of your questions. So, we’ve put together the most important FAQs for you here.

We really do care about your body grooming and want you to get the most out of your BALLS Trimmer.

So, here are answers to seven questions you’ll probably ask anyway.


How long does it take to charge the trimmer?

Recharging your BALLS™ Trimmer will take 4 to 5 hours to recharge – no matter the size of your… well, you know. That’s not long – unless you’re using it 3 times a day – something we definitely don’t recommend!

The trimmer’s charging light flashes red during charging and will stop flashing when complete.


How much use can I get from a full charge?

The BALLS™ Trimmer is good for 60 minutes of operation when fully charged. That’s at least two to three sessions worth of use. Of course, the first time you use it will probably take a bit of time, considering how much growth you’ve got going down there.


How do I replace the blades?

All you have to do is snap out the old ones and snap in the new. It’s quite easy – as you can see in the GIF image below. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but this image has it pretty easy!

Cleaning the BALL Trimmer’s SackSafe™ Blades is easy, and you can clean them as often as you want. These high-quality ceramic blades also reduce irritation by repelling oil and dirt. It doesn’t get any better than that!


Can I use my BALLS Trimmer in the shower?


Ab-so-lute-ly! The BALLS Trimmer is completely waterproof, so it won’t get damaged in the shower – neither will you!

But you might want to check for your rejected hair plugging up the shower drain. YOU might not mind, you won’t want to disgust a flat mate – nor especially, a “female visitor”.


DO I need to use the trimming guards?

The BALLS Trimmer set includes two trimming guards: one 3/4mm guard and one 5/6mm. This gives you a lot of options. You might want to test the higher setting before the lower one, since you can add back hair you’ve already cut off (although it will grow back!)

Many people choose not to use them since they want to get smooth results. If that’s your thing, we’re perfectly OK with it!


Is the BALLS Trimmer suitable for use for overall body grooming?

Heck, yes! Despite its name, the BALLS Trimmer can do so much more than tidy up your man bits. It can be used just about anywhere hair grows (OK, probably not nasal hair) – no matter how sensitive, if you know what we mean!

If you don’t get the hint, we recommend you take a look at our guides section on bum hair. Is that clear enough?


What charger should I use to recharge my BALLS Trimmer?

The BALLS Trimmer uses a USB charger. This allows you to recharge your trimmer with your phone plug, your laptop – even in your car (yes, you can get some use out of that cigarette lighter, even if you don’t smoke. So, your covered even when travelling.

Smooth balls the world over. Now you’re a real jetsetter!