Manscaping without Snags or Itching

Male grooming, after decades of evolution, is in the throes of a revolution. Men have come to realise that shaving or trimming doesn’t stop at the neck, and the focus of their attention has now spread down to their loins.

Grooming or shaving pubic hair has become popular, and even expected, especially among the younger generation.

Still there remains one prominent subject of debate in men’s lifestyle media. Should one shave or not?

Regardless of the pros and cons tossed back and forth, the answer in the end depends on individual preference.

If clean, smooth balls are what you want, you won’t find out much about it in the public domain. Your school certainly did not offer a class on how to shave your balls, and it’s doubtful that your dad could have taught you (would you have wanted him to?).

Yet, learning how to shave your balls right is important. The skin between your legs is one of the most sensitive areas on your body (hey, it’s a pleasure centre, you know?). But if you don’t shave correctly, you could snag our skin and cause some unpleasant itching down there.

Not to worry! We’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide that will ensure you get the smooth and clean balls you want without any snagging or itching!

Put Shaving on Your Schedule

You really don’t want to be hasty when shaving your balls – you can imagine why! But that may happen if you want to do it right before that hot date.

The best way to avoid this kind of situation? Schedule Your Shaving Time.

You need time to shave correctly. So you don’t feel under pressure to rush things, schedule your shaving sessions for days and times when you know you have plenty of it and won’t get distracted.

You’ll be able to devote total attention to your balls and groin, and that will help you avoid snagging and itching.

If your new to this, be patient. You’re not in a race with anyone. Take time to learn how to get the best results. Once you’re practised in this, you’ll begin to feel like an expert.

Before you start, however, it will be helpful to have your whole kit ready to hand. And that means…

Have the Right Tools

No carpenter would begin building a house without a hammer and saw at hand. The same goes for shaving your balls. So, before you get started, make sure you have the appropriate work tools.

Here’s a basic list of the tools you’ll need:

  • Hair trimmer
  • Hair scissors
  • Running water
  • Hand mirror
  • Pre-Shave lotion
  • Aftershave (alcohol-free)

The skin of your balls and groin are more delicate than your beard, so don’t get the idea of using the razor you use on your face – unless you want to risk snagging, nicks, cuts, scrapes and itching. Your balls are special, and that calls for a special razor.

If you have coarse body hair, it’s best to use an electric trimmer. This will let you remove hair down to your skin without any snagging.

Buy a Quality Hair Trimmer

Yep, hair trimmers again. We can barely stress this enough.

You know, as most men do, that a standard, non-electric razor can snag your skin and cause nicks. You don’t want to bleed between your legs. And if you shave close, you risk razor burns and stubble. That’s all a recipe for unpleasant itching.

So, why not use hair clippers? At first thought, that would sound reasonable. But these clippers have very sharp razors and are not meant for contact with the skin – especially the skin covering your balls and groin.

That’s why we recommend an electric hair trimmer. If used properly, a hair trimmer will get you a smooth shave without risking any unpleasant – even bloody – consequences.

And if you don’t want to shave your balls, clean, these trimmers come with guard extensions. You can then adjust your trimming height and cut your hair down to any desired length.

Pre-Trim with a Guard

You would not take a razor to your face if you have a thick, long beard. You would trim the hair down first, right? The same goes for pubic hair. Getting most of the hair out of the way before shaving will also give you a better view. By using the lowest guard setting, your trimmer will take care of that without any difficulty.

An electric trimmer is also superior to scissors. Hair scissors are sharp – they have to be – and you would need a very steady hand, or risk some rather painful damage.

A hand mirror will also be very helpful in letting you see exactly what you’re doing – especially in areas out of your direct line of sight.

Prepare Your Balls

Your balls and the skin you want to shave need proper preparation. The skin should be moist, the hair soft and the balls should hang relaxed. That requires warmth and proper moisturising.

Here’s what you’ll need to prepare your boys for a clean cut:



A warm bath or shower

Warm water will help your balls loosen up and unwrinkle the skin. This makes it easier for you to pull the skin smooth and taut. Warmth also opens the pores up and softens hair follicles. 

Pre-Shave lotion

Using a pre-shave lotion before applying shaving cream will prepare and protect your skin. 

Shaving cream

Just as on your face, shaving cream or gel allows you to slide the shaver over your skin, thus avoiding friction. Products with all natural ingredients are best for sensitive skin. Avoid products that boast of ‘cooling’ ingredients like menthol.


Hot water is good, but don’t make it so hot that it scalds the skin. Don’t use cold water. Why? Have you ever seen how small, compact and wrinkly your balls are after a swim? Enough said.

Shaving creams and gel that lather up clear will give you a better view of the area you’re shaving.

Time to Shave!

Your balls and groin are warm, rested and ready.

Choose an area to start shaving. Before you begin, pull the skin there taut so that there are no wrinkles to snag the razor.

Proceed methodically, one small area to the other, so you don’t overlook any spot like the skin between your sacks. Take your time so you don’t miss any hair

When you’re done, inspect the shaving area one more time to spot any place that may need additional attention.

Find a good position, like squatting or placing a foot on the rim of a bathtub, and use a mirror to let you make a complete inspection. Don’t rush things.

Go with the Flow

Trim / shave with the grain, not against it. By that, we mean shave in the direction the hair grows, not against it.

What’s true for your face also applies to your groin: Shaving with the grain will help avoid snagging and ingrown hairs.

Shaving against the grain will give you a closer shave, but you’ll risk irritating your skin.

Aftershave Care

There’s one more step – one which will help prevent your skin from itching.

As with your face, an aftershave can be very good for the skin. But not just any aftershave will do for your genitals. The skin there is sensitive and needs a little extra TLC.

We recommend using a gentle lotion or oil. As with shaving cream, aftershaves made from natural ingredients are also better for your skin. Avoid those containing alcohol (alcohol will dry out your skin).

To be on the safe side, apply aftershave for two or three days after shaving. This will combat irritation, especially for areas where hair grows thickly.

Pubic hair grows more slowly than facial hair, so you won’t need to shave daily.

When you notice the hair growing out, we recommend that you exfoliate the area. This will keep pores unclogged, thus preventing bacterial growth, and help against ingrown hairs.

Make Shaving Part of Your Routine

Now you know how it’s done. So why not make it a regular habit? Well-groomed balls are not only far more attractive than that bush you’ve been sporting. The knowledge that your balls are clean and classy will also create a feeling of confidence. Also, a clean and carefully maintained jock-spot is also good for health and hygiene.

Healthy balls are important, so conduct regular self-exams. Doing this during and after shaving is probably the most convenient time during shaves and in between. Self-exams will not only make you even more familiar with your intimate shaving venue, you’ll also be able to spot if something’s wrong before it gets serious.

One more thought: regular and practised shaving will make you an expert in preventing itchy balls. Isn’t that worth the effort?