Immaculate Manscaping Made Easy

When it comes to grooming hair, we men have had it pretty easy the last few generations. Most men just got their favourite cut. After that, one used some shampoo, maybe some conditioner, air or blow dry, run a comb through it – and voila!

That may still be what you do for the hair on your head. But the male pubic area is a different … ahem … ballpark.

That’s why it’s called ‘manscaping’, and the term has spread rapidly in hair and body care circles.

More and more men all over the world are devoting about as much time to manscaping as women do to their face.


Manscaping offers several benefits, and not all of them are purely aesthetic. Grooming and caring for your balls…

  •         Keeps your most intimate area clean
  •         Can boost your confidence level
  •         Can make you feel sexier
  •         Offers you the occasion to conduct a self-examination

Still another benefit for men who work on their physiques is that trimming or shaving enhances muscle definition.

Despite the benefits, there are some risks, especially if your manscaping technique or tools are suboptimal. Improper shaving can irritate your skin, cause ingrown hairs and lead to infection.

So, as with everything, it’s all in the execution. That’s why we’re happy to present this guide to manscaping.

Take Care

Techniques and methods may differ somewhat, but one vital aspect should be obvious.

Shave with care!

This is especially important for the delicate skin between your legs. After all, you’re handling the area with scissors or a razor. A nick on your chin is one thing. A nick in that sensitive area on or at the base of your balls can be extremely unpleasant – and lead to infection.

Besides technique, therefore, choosing an appropriate shaving tool is essential.

Many men starting out naturally think about using a razor they already use on their beard. These razors are not the best choice because they can clog with hair. When this happens while shaving your beard, you’ll tend to press harder. This isn’t great for your facial skin either, but you might be lazy and fail to rinse out the razor as often as you should.

Doing this to your pubic skin will cause irritation and even tears.

So, what can you use besides a conventional razor?

Best Options for Shaving

The good news is that you have plenty of choices regarding both the method and the tools you can use for shaving body hair, especially on and around your balls.

You can easily use some methods to DIY at home. Other options require special material and are best done by a professional.

Manscaping Options:  




Upside: This is the quickest, most direct and least expensive option. You can do this at home any time you want.

Downside: It’s all on you, so you should take care when shaving so as to avoid scrapes, nicks and cuts.


Waxing removes hairs by pulling them out by the roots.

Upside: Results last much longer than shaving – as long as four weeks.

Downside: This costs some money AND can be – gulp! – painful.


Plucking involves pulling individual hairs using tweezers.

Upside: If done right, a lot of hair won’t grow back, and the rest will take up to four weeks.

Downside: This obviously takes a lot of time, and while the pain that comes with waxing is over pretty fast, plucking can be slow torture.


Sugaring is an ancient method where you use sugar paste to remove hair.

Upside: Like waxing but less painful.

Downside: This method is better applied to larger areas (back and chest). While you can find home kits for this, you might want to engage a professional

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory Creams are easy to use – just smear on, wait a bit, then rinse off. The chemicals in these creams attack the hair structure, causing it to fall out.

Upside: This method leaves smooth skin and causes much less ingrown hair.

Downside: The chemicals irritate the skin. Although most areas of your body can take it, you’ll probably want to spare your pubic skin the rough treatment.

Electric Groomers

Upside: Body groomers are easy to use, and you can determine how much hair you want to trim or shave off.

Downside: Not much of one. You should take care to learn how to use and maintain a trimmer correctly.

With a specially designed electric ball trimmer, you’ll get great results without nicking or scraping your skin.


Lasering attacks and kills the hair roots.

Upside: Lasering can deliver permanent results. Hair is gone forever!

Downside: Lasering is the most expensive method and requires a professional treatment. For permanent overall results, several sessions may be required.

As you can see, the method you might choose depends on several factors.

On one hand you may want to think about the degree of convenience you desire, how much hair you want to remove, and where you want to shave.

Conversely, you might also consider how much pain or money you want to afford.

Because shaving is the most convenient and least expensive option, let’s take a closer look at how you can best shave your balls – all by yourself!

Preparing to Shave

If you’re a first-timer or you’ve let that bush grow out, you should trim the hair down before shaving. You wouldn’t take a razor to a full facial beard before trimming, would you?

You can use either an electric trimmer or suitable scissors and take as much hair off as possible. If you’ve opted for waxing, leave about a centimetre of hair because the wax needs something to grab hold of.

Once you’ve done trimming, you should take a hot shower. This will moisten the skin, soften the hair and open the pores.

If you don’t want to shave completely smooth, start shaving only after the hair is completely dry. This will allow the hair to return to its normal length.

Shaving when the hair is still warm and moist will get a closer shave because the hair expands from the roots. In this case, it’s best to take your trimmer into the shower and get started.

Apply and reapply shaving cream or gel while shaving. This will provide protection by allowing the razor to glide smoothly without pulling hair or scraping the skin. Gel might be better because you’ll have a clearer view.

Find Relaxed Shaving Positions

The skin between your legs is sensitive, so you’ll want to be patient and careful.

Make sure you have a mirror and sufficient lighting to see what you’re doing. You’ll also want to try out different body poses that will best allow you to see and reach where you’re shaving.

Don’t rush things. Be patient and proceed methodically. If you rush, you’ll miss spots and/or damage your skin.

When shaving your balls, shave a small area at a time in order to maintain control and pull the skin smooth so that the razor doesn’t catch on skin (yikes!).

We strongly recommend you use a body trimmer shaving your balls rather than a razor. A suitable trimmer is designed to prevent nicking or irritating your skin. You’ll also cut down the risk of ingrown hairs.

Make sure you choose a trimmer specially made for your purpose, and get one with length settings that will allow you to control how much hair you want to remove.

Be Prepared for Stubble

If you’ve shaved it all off, you begin to feel stubble in as little as 3 days

If you’re shaving for a special occasion and want to be sure you’re absolutely smooth, shave no more than a day beforehand. Stubble will cause irritation when you’re moving around and can cause some redness.

In order to avoid the hassle with stubble completely, make shaving a regular habit. Once every two or three days should do the job.

Your skin might itch after shaving, and there might be some discomfort while the hair grows back.

Applying hair conditioner after shaving may provide relief from the discomfort caused by your resurgent hair. This is because the silicone in conditioners builds a comforting layer on your hair. What works for the hair on your head also works down there.

Take some care and choose a quality conditioner that will avoid clogging your skin pores – especially if you plan to use conditioner regularly.

Unfortunately, wherever hair grows back, you will experience ingrown hairs – and the pesky irritation that comes with it. A hair conditioner can help prevent ingrown hairs but is no absolute guarantee. If it gets bad, treatments for ingrown hair are available.

Cuts Will Occur

Nicks and cuts will happen, no matter how careful you are. And since breaks in the skin between your legs can cause problems, have some first aid on hand.

If you see blood, stop shaving. That is one rule you should take to heart. Don’t be a tough guy. Give your skin about two days before you resume.

If the cut is more serious and bleeding a lot, apply pressure with a clean cloth to stop the bleeding then wash the area. Protect the cut with petroleum jelly or use a band aid if practical.

Of course, if you can’t get the bleeding under control, get medical attention.

A trimmer with state of the art design will help avoid accidents. Make sure you get a trimmer SackSafe technology designed to prevent skin damage.

Make Manscaping a Part of Your Grooming Routine

Hey, you cut your hair, shave, shower and – we hope – brush your teeth regularly. So why ignore your balls?

Now that you know how you can safely shave, get in the habit. Start by setting aside specific days and times for treating yourself to smooth, clean balls. You could begin with once a month or once a week. Concentrate on your technique and get comfortable with it. Take your time and don’t rush the job. Your balls deserve your care.

In just a short time you’ll become a real manscaping pro!