How You Can Best Prepare for Sex

You’ve met the lady, enticed her to meet, charmed her over drinks and dinner, and now she’s coming over to “check out” your place.

Things could get pretty hot and heavy – at least you hope so!

Congratulations, mate, you’ve got the ball at your feet and are ready to hit it into the back of the net. But are you really ready for what’s coming? You want to be prepared, and making an effort and doing some planning will pay off.

Maybe you think you can just wing it, but there are some things you should consider like music, cleaning up, lighting, and other aspects that could make this first night a smashing success.

Interested? Well, we’ve put together a basic game plan that could make the difference between scoring and missing.

A Clean Venue

Most men like to live relaxed in their digs, which often means paying minimal attention to neatness and cleanliness. Clothes strewn about, dishes unwashed… no big deal, right? But hanging out with your mates and entertaining a new female acquaintance are two different kettles of fish (which, by the way, is NOT how your place should smell!)

Women do pay attention to their surroundings, and details are important to them. They want to be with someone who’s ‘got his act’ together – and that includes his home. They also want to sense that they are important enough for you to make an effort here. A messy place will give her the wrong vibe and could kill her mood.

So, before you put on your clothes and that mood music, get the playing pitch ready: hoover the place, put stray clothes away, dispose of rubbish, and use some air freshener.

If your place is clean and ‘together’, she’ll assume that you are, too.

Clean Sheets

Always have a set of attractive, and especially, CLEAN bedclothes ready to replace that set you’ve been sleeping on for days (or weeks?). Mmm… you know that fresh bedding feels and smells good… and she’ll notice whether they’re fresh or not! Don’t try to get away with spraying your old bed clothes with cologne – make an effort mate!

To really impress, think about acquiring a set or two of high-quality bedclothes – like this 200 thread count bedding and matching sheet from John Lewis.

A Clean Car

Hey, if you’re giving her a ride in your car, she’ll give it almost the same attention she gives your clothes and your smashing figure. Your car – and its condition – does say something about you. Think of your car as part of your wardrobe – when you pick her up, it’s the first thing she’ll see.

So, take some time and clean your car – inside and out! Go to a car wash. Polish that dashboard and hoover the seats and floors. Buy an air freshener (and some condoms while you’re shopping).


Women looove candles – they’re soooo romantic! Seriously, candlelight creates a very personal and intimate atmosphere. Find some candles – and candle holders – that are both attractive and smell good. Scents should be light, not too strong – vanilla is a good example. Plus, scented candles might mask some less pleasant smells if present.


OK, your car looks good, you’ve got your flat all tickety-boo, and your clothes are working nicely… until they come off. Then you’ll want to make sure you keep impressing… so take care of those magnificent balls of yours!

If you’re new at ball trimming or shaving, not to worry. Our Balls Trimmer with its SackSafe™ technology will guarantee a great – and safe – trim. Nicely trimmed or clean-shaven pubes will definitely impress her.

"Give ‘em a trim for the win." 

A Music Playlist

You’ve already got those candles going, so make sure you’ve got some music for the right mood! Techno or Heavy Metal might not be the best choice – unless she’s just that type! You’ll want something softer, smoother and, above all, intimate. If you don’t know where to begin, we’ve got a date playlist on Spotify with songs and sounds that you’ll love.


If you have roommates or housemates, we hope they’re of the understanding sort and will give you and your lady some space and privacy. Roommates should vacate, and housemates should avoid disturbing your little tete-a-tete. After all, they might want the same favour from you, one day! You could offer to buy them dinner or drinks as thanks for their cooperation.

Go get ‘em!

Now you should be feeling much better prepared for the crucial first time alone and good to go. Start getting your place and car ready early so you’re not rushed and have time to spend on your clothes… and balls. If the mood is right, you’ve won half the battle.

Good luck!