How to Examine Your Balls – Five Simple Steps

This blog has quite a lot to say about how you can best keep your balls clean, smooth and well-groomed. And that’s important! Your balls deserve no less than to look and feel their absolute best – and that’s what our SackSafe™ technology is designed to do.

OK, looks are important, but what good are sexy balls if they’re not healthy? Taking good care of them should be a serious matter!

The AACR (American Association for Cancer Research) and the Testicular Cancer Network (among other organisations in the UK) even promote a Testicular Cancer Awareness Month every April.

So, maybe it’s time to look into how you can best examine your little mates and make sure they’re happy and healthy.

Men between the ages of 15 and 44 are most vulnerable to testicular cancer, but when detected early, the cure rate is 99%! So, you can see why it’s important to check your balls regularly.

Here’s how to examine your balls in 5 steps:

Do it while showering or bathing

What’s a better, more convenient time to give your balls special attention? Your balls are warm and moist, and you’re already naked, right? Besides, you’re (usually) undisturbed there and out of sight of curious eyes.

If you share the facilities with others, schedule your inspection for a time when you’ll be undisturbed.

Inspect one ball one at a time

Don’t be in a hurry. This inspection is important, so you don’t want to miss anything serious.

So, take your time and be thorough, one ball at a time.

Get to know your balls well

Once you’ve seriously checked your balls a few times, you’ll become familiar with them and know how they should normally look. Every set is different and yours is unique to you. It is perfectly normal, for example, if one is slightly bigger or hangs lower than the other.

Hold it and roll it

The best way to feel for any problems is a technique called ‘hold and roll’. Grasp one ball (not too rough!) and roll it between finger and thumb. Feel for anything unusual – like swelling or lumps – or new – like a change in size or consistency.

Cup your balls

Once you’re done with rolling, gently cup them in a hand and feel for size and weight. There should be much of a change.

Now, it will take a few examinations before you (ahem) ‘get the feel’ for this, but getting to know your balls is very important. Take some time and remember how they feel.

Testicle Health: Frequently Asked Questions



How should my testicles feel?

Healthy testicles should be firm, but not unusually hard, and contain no bumps or lumps.

When should I seek medical attention?

If you do detect anything out of the ordinary, you should definitely see a medical professional. So, keep on the lookout for unusual hardness, swelling or lumps.

Of course, this also goes if you’re feeling any unusual discomfort or pain in your testicles or ball sack.

Your balls should be pretty important to you, so don’t put things off or think you can grin and bear it. If you do, you might run the risk of being unable to bear the pain, and you won’t feel like grinning.

Should I be alarmed? 

We know that many men detect something worrying ‘down there’ and then start really worrying about losing their balls. Don’t panic – it might be nothing to worry about.

If you do think you’ve found something, be aware that most lumps are harmless. The veins in your balls (the varicocele) may be temporarily swollen or a cyst might appear due to some fluid retention.

So, now you might be feeling a bit better, but that does not mean you should ignore it. Anything unusual should get prompt medical attention. If your physician doesn’t find a problem, you can relax, and if something is detected, you will have caught it before serious damage is done.

In conclusion…

Once you’ve learned how to examine your balls… do it regularly! Regular inspection will enable you to detect changes. Once a month is perfectly sufficient. Schedule a day on your calendar and send yourself reminders.

You’ll become proficient and get into the habit in no time!