How Frequently Should I Groom?

Well, it’s a lot like showering. There are days when you’ll shower only once. On others, very humid days, days you’re working outside, or if you’re doing a lot of physical training, you’ll shower two or three times.

Likewise, how often you should groom depends on the circumstances.

Of course, this begs the question: Are you trimming or shaving your balls at all?

Why Keep Your Balls Groomed?

Women invest a lot of time – and money – in cleaning, grooming and just basically making themselves as attractive as they can. If you’ve been in a woman’s bathroom, you’ve seen the astounding array of creams, cleansers, conditioners, perfumes and deodorants. And women today have the totally crazy idea that men should care for their body and hygiene too.

And if you appreciate a girl who’s well-groomed “down there”, why should it be any different for you?

Or - to be more blunt - women prefer men that have trimmed balls. And if that’s not reason enough, we’ve put together several other excellent reasons for regularly taming your pubic jungle: 

Sex Life 

Almost 90% of all women surveyed want men to groom their junk. There may be several reasons for this preference, but essentially, women want men to make an effort and be willing to devote some care toward maintaining some degree of cleanliness in an area a woman might get to know intimately. Consider what a girl thinks if she has to wade through smelly undergrowth just to get to your pleasure centre.


If you think about it, knowing that you can show off your balls and pubic area at any time is going to affect your confidence. You’ll know that you're cleaner, sexier and ready for action.

So, don’t you think that clean, well-groomed balls are worth a few minutes a week effort?


Untamed pubic hair suffers just like the hair on your head. When you don’t clean and groom it regularly, it gets dirty, oily and smelly. And when that happens between your legs, it’s an open invitation for jock itch to break out and for crabs or lice to move in and feel at home. That’s not only unpleasant for her, but pretty uncomfortable for you as well.

How Fast Does Pubic Hair Grow? 

They grow really fast – faster than you’d probably guess. The speed at which your pubic hair is going to determine how often you should trim and/or shave.


Hair grows in a cycle consisting of three phases, regardless of where on your body it grows. These phases are growth, stagnation, and falling out. For pubic hair, the entire life cycle lasts 30-44 days. The actual duration can be affected by various factors, including the hormones in your body, any medication you might be taking, as well as low androgen levels that can lead to hair loss.


As the saying goes, there’s a right time for everything. How short do you want to keep your hair? If you shave, how smooth should your balls be? Regardless of how often you want to groom, our BALLS™ Trimmer will ensure that everything goes smoothly and safely.


AS already mentioned, the rate at your personal pubes will grow depends on several factors, but you may assume that your hair will grow about 1/8 inches per week. In two months, that comes to about 2 inches. That’s a fair amount, although you won’t match the woman in South Africa whose pubes grew to more than 28 inches!

Your Own Grooming Routine

Anyone who has already had a go at trimming or shaving pube hair will tell you it takes some car and patience. Fortunately, we’ve come up with a time-effective routine that’s also pain-free (rather important!). All you need is enough patience to learn and your full attention. The right tools for your tool is also highly recommended.

So, with all that in mind, here’s a trimming routine you can really use.

Get Ready

As with all beginnings, the right start will make things much easier. That means finding a convenient place for grooming. Your bathroom is probably best because everything you need should be available there, and it should also afford you some privacy.

Scheduling a regular day and time of day will also be helpful. Many men find it easy to combine trimming with their evening shower. We recommend that you use a professional waterproof tool like our BALLS™ Trimmer.

Why the shower? Because the warm water will lubricate your skin, soften the hairs, increase the blood supply to the skin and open the pores. All of this will allow your trimmer blade to glide smoothly over your skin, thus avoiding nicks and cuts – as well as embarrassing hospital appearances.

And since you’ll have plenty of soap and water there, you’ll have everything you need at hand to clean up after you’re done!

Get Comfortable

You want to feel comfortable and at ease, especially if this is all new to you. After all, you don’t want stressed, nervous hands hovering over your balls!

This also involves finding a good position that allows you a clear view of where you’re going to shave and easy access with your trimmer. Try various positions until you find a comfortable and stable stance. We recommend you try placing one foot up on a stool or the edge of a bathtub.

Get Going

The right technique will make the difference between success and frustration. And, be honest, you don’t want to put your jewels at risk! No matter which technique you decide to use – the ‘The Hover Technique’ or ‘The Pulling Technique’ – the key is to proceed slowly and use steady strokes. For more details on technique, see our guide on the best way to trim your balls.

So, now you know why you should groom your balls and when. If you decide to start taking care of your balls, we’re sure that our BALLS™ Trimmer will make you wonder why you haven’t been enjoying smooth balls for years now. So, if you want that sexy, clean and confident feeling, get your BALLS™ Trimmer today at !