Chafing Relief for Men

Chafing! Almost nothing’s more irritating – and unnecessary. Yet, especially in summer, it rears its ugly head. The more humid the climate, the more likely it will strike.

It’s especially irritating when it gets in the way of things you love – or have to – do. Runners know the anguish it inflicts on sensitive or thick inner thighs. With every step you take, scrape, scrape, scrape.

No matter how it happens, no matter the cause, it happens to everyone. Fortunately, there are things you can do about it!

What do we mean by “chafing”? What is it exactly, and what is the cause for it? Chafing is something that afflicts the skin due to one or any combinations of the following: moisture, friction and textiles that irritate the skin. Whenever anything regularly rubs against the skin, it can cause a burning or stinging sensation and appears as a rash. Extreme chafing can lead to bleeding, the skin can swell, or a crust can form (like a lot of little scabs).

Skin constantly rubbing against skin creates friction. This, in turn, produces warmth and moisture in the area, which can in turn promote the growth of bacteria and fungus. Chafing often occurs in the crease between buttock cheeks. This kind of chafing is often very painful. The skin becomes raw and frustratingly itchy.

Perhaps the most agitating kind of chafing occurs on the testicles (testicular chafing). The skin on the scrotum flakes and becomes red. Outdoor laborers, cyclists, runners and rowers are among those who most often incur this kind of chafing – especially in warm, humid weather. Tight-fitting pants or shorts can also contribute. Men – when you’re active, especially outdoors, wear looser pants and give your jewels a bit of space!

Chafing has been around forever and can get quite severe, but you don’t just have to accept it and live with it. Read on to find out some effective ways to prevent and treat chafing.


Anti-Chafing Cream: What is it and What Does it Do?

There are many types of creams for treating – and preventing – chafing, and they come in different forms: sticks, balms, chamois butter, creams, “body glide”, etc…

But what do these products do? What are they made of, and how should you choose which to use?

As you might suspect, products designed to prevent or treat chafing contain lubricants. The idea is to help skin glide instead of sticking and creating the friction that leads to chafing. BodyGlide contains allantoin to help prevent friction and is popular among many athletes. Other products contain Vitamin E or coconut oil to lubricate the skin. Not all products come in the form of cream; some are available as powders. Since most creams can be rather greasy, some products are promoted as non-greasy. Others are supposed to target specific areas such as the groin or thighs.

Whatever they are or are supposed to do, an anti-chafing product should help you remain active and comfortable and prevent the friction that causes chafing.


Why is All This Important for Men?

Let’s face it. Men just don’t think about things like anti-chafing products until chafing becomes a real pain – literally! By then it’s too late to prevent chafing.

Well, at least you know to take steps to prevent chafing next time. Or will you forget about it until it’s too late – again! Chafing can be really unpleasant, to say the least. And it can come unexpectedly. You don’t have to run a marathon to get it; a pleasant day playing volleyball at the beach can be enough. All that rough sand has a way of sneaking into your bathing shorts and onto your crotch – and cause a lot of friction.

Well, instead of constantly worrying about it, it’s worth doing something to prevent it next time. And there are a lot of anti-chafing products available especially for men. If you take steps to prevent chafing, you can focus on and devote your energy to doing what you really love.


The Best Anti-Chafing Products for Men

Let’s take a good look at some of the best anti-chafing products for men currently available. These include creams, sticks, powders, as well as a few other products.

You might want to stick to non-chemical, or “all-natural”, remedies you can easily obtain – if you don’t already have them at home. Items such as shea butter and petroleum jelly can be perfectly effective. You – or your partner – may even have some body lotion you could try out. Such remedies may not be the best, but they are certainly far better than nothing.

Megababe offers a product that delivers a real anti-friction solution. It is specifically formulated to reduce chafing. It’s called “Thigh Rescue”. As you might guess from the company’s name, “Thigh Rescue” was originally intended for women because, since women often wear shorts and dresses, tend to suffer more frequently from chafing on their inner thighs. Men have, however, caught on to this product, and it’s become extremely popular.

“Thigh Rescue” looks like a deodorant stick and feels like a balm. It creates a protective layer over the skin so that your inner thighs glide past each other without creating friction. This product contains hydrating ingredients like grapeseed oil, aloe and vitamin E (rich in antioxidants) to promote healthy skin.

Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm is another product designed for physically active men and also resembles a deodorant stick. You apply it to all areas subject to friction and chafing – inner thighs, groin, arms, etc. – before you dress. Its ingredients are non-allergenic and organic, plant-based, without lanolin, petroleum or mineral oils. It is even guaranteed to be 100% vegan (e.g., safe for children, not tested on animals). This product’s stick-application feature is popular with many men since its easier and less messy to apply than powders or wet gels or creams, and it doesn’t clog your pores, so your skin can freely perspire and breathe. It’s so easy to use that many men apply it every day, regardless of how humid the air is. If it gets on your clothing, it won’t damage or permanently stain, so you can apply it literally anywhere.

Chub Rub is also a great alternative and has thousands of positive reviews attesting to the satisfying results it achieves. It is therefore a trusted brand you can rely on. This product contains an array of organic ingredients like coconut butter and oil that serve to protect and moisturize your skin and lend it a pleasant scent. It contains no harmful chemicals, aluminium or parabens. Just apply it anywhere you have easily irritated skin: thighs, armpits, groin, or anywhere. It’s easy to use – and easy to purchase. You can check it out on Amazon here.

UNDRBUDR is a cream we can definitely recommend. Its primary effective ingredient is chamois, which, in combination with natural butter and pressed oils, is especially effective in protecting cyclists who need real protection for groin, inner thighs and seat. You can therefore be confident of its effectiveness for just about any sport activity. Despite the oils it contains, UNDRBUDR does not feel greasy and is comfortable to wear, and moister conditions get, the better its performance. As with most of our recommendations, UNDRBUDR contains a powerful combination of organic, plant-based ingredients such as: coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, aloe, shea butter, safflower seed oil, and jojoba seed oil. It's available on Amazon.

If you want to “stick to basics”, you can still go with good old, time-tested Vaseline. The company even offers a product in stick form: All-Over Body Jelly Stick. Despite what you might think of traditional Vaseline, this product is not greasy and is easy to apply. It also boasts that it is clinically tested and proven effective in preventing chafing, as well as being able to heal damaged or dry skin. It’s also TSA approved, so you can safely take it on flights without any trouble.

Are you especially worried about protecting your family jewels? Then you might logically want to give the BALLS lotion deodorant a go. The name’s the game here, and it’s pretty amazing. You use it like a lotion, but it then transforms into a pleasantly scented, anti-chafing deodorant once it dries. Just apply once before you head out. It lasts all day!


What’s Important in an Anti-Chafing Product?

The market is filled with various anti-chafing remedies. So, what should you look for? Well, it mainly depends on what is important for you. Some people like to rely on personal recommendations, whether from friends, sports personalities, or other influencers – just remember that the latter are paid for promoting products. Other men value all-natural products, others place special importance on remedies that are anti-inflammatory or offer some other specific benefit. Still others are looking to protect specific areas like thighs, groin, armpits, etc.

Beyond all such considerations, you will probably want a product that offers long-lasting protection, is easy to apply and does not have an unpleasant greasy or oily feel. You might prefer a cream, a stick, a powder or a balm. Of course, whatever you use should be safe for your skin.

There’s a lot of information out there. You can find customer reviews and product formulas are available. You can also price-compare between products and online shops.

Then make your choice and give it a go!