Balls itchy after shaving

You’re a modern man, so you shave your balls. It’s as much a part of your hygiene routine as shampooing and brushing your teeth. The only thing is, your teeth don’t itch after you brush them, but shaving makes your balls itch, and that’s not very pleasant.

Maybe you don’t have this problem. Congratulations! You’re either using a high-quality trimmer and using it correctly, or maybe your balls are itch resistant. Or maybe you don’t shave your balls.

If you do shave your balls and have that irritating itch, your hair trimmer is either not the best or you’re too rough on that sensitive scrotum skin. There are a lot of great trimmers on the market that do not cause itchy balls, razor pimples or ingrown hair. So, stop using shaving cream and that disposable razor, cheapskate!

If you’re suffering from itchy balls after shaving, this guide will help you make that itch an unpleasant memory.


What are itchy balls?

We read a lot of complaints about irritation and ingrown hair after shaving pubic hair. This means that they’re not shaving properly, or their shaver razors are not up to the job. But you won’t suffer from itchy balls once you learn a little about how hair follicles work – if you treat them right, they’ll return the favour!

Regardless of where you shave your balls – in the shower, your bedroom, or even on a deserted stretch of beach – here are some useful tips on how to stop that itching.


Why your balls might itch after shaving.

There are a number of things that can cause your balls to itch. You might be shaving incorrectly or too roughly. You might be using an inferior or a dull razor (heaven forbid!). You can’t scrape at your manly jewels as you might shave your beard when you’re in a hurry. The skin covering your groin and balls is sensitive and can be easily irritated.

Another reason may be something you are applying to your balls. Some lotions have harsh chemicals that penetrate your skin when you shave. Come on, you know how some after shaves can irritate your facial skin after shaving. Why should your groin skin react any differently?


Shaving Dry and Folliculitis

A lot of men are, well, lazy or casual about body care. They just want to get the hair off quickly and without a lot of fuss. “Why do I need to bother with cream or lotion? I’ll just shave off the hair dry!” Well, the result is often razor burn. It can even lead to a condition known as folliculitis (‘irritation of the follicles’) that arises when a hair follicle is damaged and infected. The infection causes inflammation – and itching. If you take a look, it might even look like you have acne down there! Dry shaving is a sure way to cause the inflammation that causes unpleasant itching.


Shaving Technique

It also pays to do things right. This is no less true of shaving. Maybe you’re impatient and shaving too quickly. Remember, your pubic area is more sensitive than your face, so slow down and give your balls the care they deserve. If having nice, smooth balls are important to you – and it should be, or else you wouldn’t be shaving them, then it should be worth the time and care to treat them right.



Your underwear, shorts and trousers rub against your groin. When you remove hair there, your skin comes into direct contact with the fabric, which can cause chafing. In hot or humid conditions, the chafing can get worse.


Jock Itch

Jock itch is caused by a bacterial infection that breaks out when your skin is not clean. In order to prevent jock itch, take care to wear clean clothes and wash down there regularly! Healthy and happy balls should be a priority for you, after all.


Itch Prevention

If you want to prevent the irritating itch that comes from skin damage and inflammation, take a close look at the following six guidelines for treating your delicate groin right. Your balls deserve it!


Before Shaving: Trim Longer Hairs

Shaving your balls will go easier if you cut off the longer hairs. By this we mean hair longer than half an inch (about a centimetre). To avoid missing hairs in places not easily visible, use a hand mirror and take time inspecting groin and balls. Then groom the area with a device designed for that purpose. I mean, you wouldn’t brush your teeth with a steel scouring pad, would you?


Do not, under any circumstances, dry shave!

If you shave dry skin, your balls will itch. It’s that simple. So, before you shave, make sure your skin is somewhat moist. You can take a hot shower, for example, will open the skin’s pores, moisten skin and soften hair. Shaving will now be much easier.


Use a Device Specially Designed for Trimming Balls

The skin of your groin is rather sensitive – as it should be. I mean, you wouldn’t experience as much pleasure down there if the skin was as tough as your elbows. But pleasure and pain are two sides of the same coin, so you should want to take exceptional care. That’s why you need special razors for the purpose. So, you should use a hair trimmer especially designed for your groin’s sensitive skin.



Your balls are at least as important as the hair on your head. You probably use hair shampoo and conditioner instead of hand soap, right? So, use hair conditioner or shaving cream for sensitive skin. Don’t use conventional shower gel or soap – they are not designed to prepare hair or skin for shaving. Look for non-comedogenic products that are formulated to avoid clogging pores. Clogged pores can cause spots – and a spotted dick should be something you eat, not carry with you between your legs!


Shave ‘With the Grain’

The same rule that applies to shaving your beard also goes for your groin – shave your hair in the direction it goes, not ‘against the grain’. To get a clear shot at the hairs on your balls, stretch your scrotum skin so it is nice and taut. Now take time and care when you shave. Proper shaving will last longer and help prevent the irritation that causes itching.


Apply an After-Shave

Why would your groin deserve any less than your face? An after-shave lotion formulated for intimate skin will soothe your skin and prevent irritation. This means avoiding any products that contain alcohol or chemicals that will dry out your skin.

Our specially designed lotion for your balls is called SackSafe. It contains no sulphates or paraben that can starve your skin of moisture. SackSafe is also formulated with Eucalyptus and other ingredients that will soothe and cool your balls and groin. You’ll feel great!


Make Itchy Balls an Unpleasant Memory

Just follow our advice and tips here, and you’ll prevent that irritating itch to your balls and groin. You’ll also avoid bacterial infections that can lead to worse than an unpleasant itch. Clean, healthy and moisturised balls can be yours!

To shave or not to shave – that is the question. It’s up to you. But if you choose to start grooming your jewels, take time to learn how to do it correctly and learn what tool to use on your tool. Your balls will thank you for it!