Trimming 101: Manscaping without Nicks

If you don’t have a set of immaculately manscaped balls – Why?

Maybe you’re afraid of what a disposable razor might do down there. Maybe you have a childhood memory of cutting yourself on a razor. Maybe you’ve even had a go at your balls and cut a bad, bleeding nick.

Bleeding balls are no joking matter. Even when the bleeding ceases, moving around can cause some rather irritating discomfort for a while. So, maybe you’re just afraid to try for smooth balls.

OK, you can shave at the edge of your pubic hair, and even trim your scrotum hair down to get rid of that bushy look. But honestly, trimming is by far the best way to get a really clean look that will feel good to you – and look good to those you want to show off your jewels.

So, what would you say if we told you how to groom your balls safely?

Science Concurs: Trimming is Best

Ball trimmers – which are specifically designed for the job – allow you to determine just how much hair you want to remove where. You have control. You decide.

The right kind of ball shaver even lets you get creative down there. There are such things as Manscaping styles such as Thigh’s the Limit and Billiard Balls. Maybe you can create your own!

Now, pubic hair does serve some purpose. It primarily offers protection against bacteria and serves to cut down on friction between your groin and your clothes – or your groin and another person’s groin (😉).

If you groom correctly, however, you can get your man area nice and clean, and still protect them from harm.

Not quite enough? Well, according to studies, women clearly prefer pubes that are nicely trimmed over completely hairless balls or the ‘natural look’.

So, all you need is the right tool for your tool, wouldn’t you say?

What Trimmer is Best for Manscaping?

The first lesson in Trimming 101 is: the beard trimmer you use on your face is not your best choice because it does not have the same design or functionality that a specially designed ball trimmer does.

Now, electric trimmers come in various designs, so selecting the right one for you is an important decision. Number one on the priority list should be your balls’ safety. Recent developments such as the SackSafe blade are able to cleanly mow through gnarly pubic hair without inflicting damage on your sensitive pubic skin.

One big advantage of electric ball trimers is that they are configured to help you trim surfaces that are uneven or hard to reach.

Beyond this, however, there are other features you should consider when choosing your personal ball trimmer:



Powerful motor

  • Pube hairs are coarse, get easily tangled and matted, so a trimmer has to power through them without clogging up.
  • Because it’s powerful, it will prevent bunching and won’t pull on your skin, thus reducing the risk of nicks and cuts.

Sharp, high-quality blades

  • Prevent bumps, burns, pinching, and ingrown hairs. 
  • Ceramic blades are best – they get sharper and remain sharp longer. 
  • Ceramic blades also don’t heat up and cut faster – which leaves your skin smooth. 
  • On the other hand, stainless steel replacement blades are cheaper and easier to maintain.
  • Self-sharpening rotary blades need to be replaced less frequently.


  • The best place to trim is in the shower.
  • Warm, moistened skin and hair make for an easier and smoother shave.
  • You can choose to wet shave and use shaving creams or butter of your choice.

Cordless trimmer vs. corded trimmer

  • Corded trimmers are usually more powerful and run as long as they are plugged in.
  • Cordless devices are handier, but you should check how fast they recharge and how long a charge lasts.
  • Power (voltage) is also important for cordless trimmers. 

Attachments and guards

  • Your trimmer should have comb attachments, a detail trimmer, a pivoting head, and a nose trimmer, among other attachments.
  • Check the guards the device offers. They determine which hair lengths and styles you can achieve.

Special features

  • Some models come with special anti-nicking features.
  • The BALLS trimmer has a special glide coating to protect against snags, nicks and cuts.
  • Look for a snap-on system for easy blade replacement.


Trimming and Shaving Your Balls in 6 Steps

What you need:

  • Electric body hair trimmer
  • Safety or disposable razor with a fresh blade
  • Shaving products of your choice
  • Antiseptic spray
  • Hand mirror

Step 1: Get Ready

Shaving in a warm shower gets the best results because the warm water will help

  •         lubricate your skin,
  •         cause your balls to hang nice and loose
  •         open your skin pores
  •         soften and disentangle hair
  •         smooth out the wrinkles on your balls

The last point is important because wrinkly skin increases the risk of pinching or nicking the skin.

Make sure you have plenty of time so you can take it easy and relax. You don’t want to feel rushed.

Have a hand-held mirror ready. A mirror will help you see those areas out of direct view. Believe us, you don’t want to trim or shave ‘blind’.

Step 2: Trim before you shave

Start trimming the crop – the hair above the base of your penis. Use a trimming guard that allows you to cut the hair down to the length you want – or a length that will give you a clear view if you’re going to shave clean.

You might want to do this outside the shower to avoid clogging the shower or bathtub drain. If you do this over the toilet, you’ll cut down on the clean up once you’re done.

Instead of an electric trimmer, you could use scissors or an electric razor, but these tools require more control and increase the risk of damaging your delicate pubic skin. An electric trimmer is easier to handle, safer and gives you more control over how much hair you want to trim off.

Proceed next to the perineum. This area lies between the base of your balls and your anus. More care is required here because it’s harder to see and reach, and the skin is even more sensitive. In order to avoid irritating the skin, you should opt for the ‘Hover Method’.

The skin of the perineum is very thin, so we recommend that you don’t use a mini foil or rotary shaver here because of the increased risk of inflicting nicks or cuts.

Bro Tip #1: As the name suggests, the Hover Method is a technique for trimming hair without contact with your skin. Hover the blade about 1cm above the skin's surface and move it slowly along to remove hair. The method is the best way to avoid accidental cuts. 

You can also use this technique for trimming down longer hairs on your balls or around the shaft of your penis.

You might think about taking care of nose and ear hair while you’re at it.

If you don’t want to shave anywhere clean, then you’re done – aside from cleaning up. The best trimmers will let you trim your hair down to 0.4mm without a guard. If you want a clean shave, however, you’ll need to reach for a razor.

Step 3: Wash Again

Repeat Step 1. You are about to put razor to skin, and you want to make sure your skin is as moist and smooth as it can be.

Step 4: Lather liberally

Massage in your choice of shaving lubricant – cream, oil or butter. This will lubricate the skin, put down a protective layer, and thus allow the razor to glide along without snagging anything.

A clear or translucent gel or oil will give you a better view of where you’re shaving.

Step 5: Stretch, Shave, Stretch, Shave – and Don’t Rush

The same principles that apply to the face apply here. You’ll just want to take a bit more care.

Rinse the razor frequently under running water. Clogged blades won’t cut well and could cause snagging.

Pull the skin smooth where you are shaving, especially the skin on and around your balls, and slowly and carefully stroke the area with the razor. Do this one small bit at a time

Don’t press the razor too hard against the skin and maintain the correct angle of blade to skin surface.

Don’t worry if you don’t get everything the first go-around. If you spot hair you’ve missed, lather again and proceed as before.

Shave against the grain if you want an especially close shave but be especially careful on your balls.

To shave the shaft of your penis, pull the penis aside to expose the area you wan to shave, then shave in strokes downward in the direction of your body.

Step 6: Aftershave Cleansing and Care

You’re basically done. The only thing left is to clean your skin and then apply some special care.

Splash the area with cold water to close the pores. Pat – not rub – dry with a fine towel. Vigorous rubbing with a coarse towel is bad for the skin, and after shaving your skin is especially vulnerable.

Then apply a soothing aftershave balm – one without alcohol (alcohol dries the skin). We recommend you give our anti-irritant post-shave BALLS lotion a try.

Bro Tip #2: If you shave your skin smooth, you should consider using an aftershave powder. Your groin is subject to rubbing when you walk – especially in pants. A powder will reduce friction as your skin moves over other areas of skin or textiles. You also might want to consider hypoallergenic products. Practise post-shaving care daily. To keep things nice and smooth down there, regularly check your shave and touch up where needed. We recommend at least once a week.

Want the Best Body Groomer Available Anywhere?

Powered blades spinning along close to your balls at 6,000 rpm might not sound tasty. But if you want a quality shave of your intimate zones, that’s what you need in an electric shaver.

A high-quality, high-performance trimmer will let you give your twig and berries a real professional with confidence and with no worries.